Padma Valli. A Garland of Lotus

Shakuntala said, “Father, now I must say farewell to the spring-creeper vine, my sister among the vines…” And Kanva replied, “I know how you love her. Look! She has come into your hand…” Shakuntala approached the vine and gently embraced it…”Oh Sister Vine, embrace me too with your arms, your branches, your whole being…for tomorrow I shall be far away. O, Father, you must care for her as you cared for me.” Kanva replied, “You have found the beloved I long hoped you would, my child…and my watch is no longer for you. I shall give your vine to a true lover, this handsome mango tree.”

-Kalidasa’s Abhijnanashakuntala, Act 4.

36″ x 25″

Wood, brass, steel.